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English+ Creative Technology - English for Digital Design (Evening)

Learn creative technology specific language skills and get hands on practical experience  


As the only course of its type in Australia, English+ Creative Technology is a unique 12-week course for students who need to communicate in the field of technology for study or work. The aim is for students to develop broad technological English skills that will provide a platform for technology-related careers.


With 3, practical, 4-week modules specialising in teaching the language skills essential for success in the technological field,  You can choose one course for a specific need, or get an excellent foundation for your future career by doing all three.


Who is this course for?

This course is designed for students with intermediate to upper-intermediate English skills who want to feel more confident speaking, writing or presenting in the Creative Technology industry.


No industry related skills are needed for this course, and the practical element caters for most levels of background and experience - from beginner and up!



Each English+ Creative Technology module includes an exclusive full-day workshop at the  Academy of Information Technology. Workshops will focus on the creation of tangible  outcomes such as their own Short Film, a unique Design concept and their own Mobile App.


You will learn to

  • Understand and use industry specific language
  • Learn specific words and phrases suitable for working in an English speaking country
  • Develop your own workshop outcomes: develop your own Android App, create your own Digital Design Piece, create a short-movie in your small groups
  • With 3, practical, 4-week modules specialising in teaching the language skills essential for success in the technological field, you can choose one course for a specific need, or get an excellent foundation for your future career by doing all three.



This course introduces students to programming principles and the surrounding terms and language.

Embrace the history of programming, and the programming landscape as it is today.

Experience first hand and learn the basic processes used as a platform to build on with later skills. Learn introductory general syntax and specific industry language.



Our exclusive AIT workshops are the perfect way to get your hands on modern Creative Technology, with the help of the experts at AIT!

More and more of us are finding that coding and programming are creeping into our industries.

It might be as simple as macros in Word or formula’s in Excel, it might be making a little adjustment to a website, or turbocharging your statistics software!



  • Needs analysis,
  • Setting problems,
  • Problem-solving,
  • Iterative methods,
  • Following through and creating an object that fits a need.



The design thinking can be applied to solving just about any problem. In this class, you will apply design thinking to generate creative concepts, but you will be able to apply the principles you learn to many of the projects in your life.



  • Understanding film,
  • Different types of content,
  • Cameras and videography,
  • Sound,
  • Editing,
  • Distributing your masterpiece.



This class will teach you how to make a simple, but a professional looking film, with only limited equipment.

Many people think you need expensive equipment and lots of experience to make a good film, of course this helps!

We will teach you the key rules and tips to create professional looking film and video with limited equipment.

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Starts from/week
Starts from/week AUD270.00
Duration up to 4 WEEK(S)

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Starts from/week AUD270.00
Duration up to 4 WEEK(S)
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Total number of students: 1200

Number of students - Language Courses: 16 - 18

Number of students - College: 30

Greenwich College provides high quality English Language and Vocational Training courses. It prides itself on the friendly atmosphere and personal service. This service is assured through students' access to our highly qualified and experienced teachers, trainers and staff. Our staff, trainers and teachers genuinely care about student's progress and are dedicated to helping them achieve their personal goals. Whether you are studying to start your career, build on your career or simply for personal achievement, our courses are designed to ensure you meet your goals quickly and effectively in a dynamic multicultural environment that will serve to develop an individuals life skill in an increasingly global world. So why not contact us or drop in and see us? Our friendly, dedicated staff will be happy to answer your questions and give you more information.


Option 1 (Intensity: 20)

16:30 - 21:00
On Wednesday and Thursday classes start at 03:05 pm


  • Learn how to speak English like a native speaker
  • Prepares for study and work goals
  • Caring staff and teachers
  • Study, live and work using English
  • One of the best ranges of first-rate English courses in Sydney
  • Excellent and innovative teaching methods, quality student services
  • Individual career and study planning
  • First class facilities
  • Great nationality mix
  • Accredited courses - guarantees quality of our services and courses


  • Fully equipped, well-lit, spacious classrooms
  • Student computers with free internet access
  • Easy access to multiple forms of public transport. We are within 5 minutes walk of Town Hall and Central Stations, and many bus routes
  • Large refrigerators
  • Free wireless internet access
  • Photocopying and printing facilities
  • Contemporary student kitchen
  • Mobility impaired access
  • Air-conditioned
  • Multiple microwave ovens
  • Food and drink machines


  • Computers
  • Projector
  • Intelligent learning whiteboards
  • Ergonomic chairs
  • Large desks
  • Free WIFI

Nationality mix


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