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Bachelor of 3D Art and Animation

The Bachelor of 3D Art and Animation is a three-year professional degree that prepares graduates for careers as 3D and visual effects artists and animators in areas such as feature filmmaking, game production, television, online content development, advertising and visualisation.


Building upon the success of our Diploma of 3D Animation and Digital Effects program, this career-orientated higher education program represents a convergence of practical and theoretical aspects of 3D art and animation production.


It offers a focused, industry relevant educational experience, exploring the scope of local and international 3D and visual effects production practices.


The degree has been developed by experts with extensive experience in 3D art, animation and visual effects. It places emphasis on design in the real world. The result is a specialist degree geared towards preparing students for the practical demands of the 3D and visual effects industry.


The course is designed to prepare students for the 3D art and animation production environments and international standards that operate in the creation of entertainment products and communications media.


The course will ensure that students have the skills needed to work across the production pipeline and have the knowledge needed to integrate their understanding of visual communication to serve the diverse and changing requirements of the digital media entertainment and communication industries.


The course will provide students with the foundation needed to work at the highest creative levels in these fields. Graduates will have a theoretical grounding in art and animation principles which will be supported by technical skill sets and artistic sensibilities needed to advance the industries' technical and creative standards.


Students will be adept at contributing to collaborative and creative work processes and will possess the communication skills and technical expertise needed to meet the professional demands of industry leaders such as internationally acclaimed filmmakers, games designers and multinational communications campaigns. They will have a meaningful understanding of production in the deadline-driven commercial environment of industry and be skilled in the problem-solving and critical analysis needed to work effectively and creatively to meet international 3D and visual effects production standards.


The three-year degree is set across six semesters and structured to encourage professional progression and development. Students may chose to exit the course after completing Year Two which would entitle them to the award of Associate Degree of 3D Art and Animation. During Year Three students will have the option to choose electives, one elective option is to undertake a professional internship opportunity.

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First Semester
First Semester AUD10,600.00
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First Semester AUD10,600.00
Total duration 36 MONTH(S)
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